About me

My mother tells me that when I was just a small baby I would draw on things and she would tell her friends, “He is going to be an artist!” Well I guess she was right. From early childhood I was amazed and intrigued by the handy work of artists. My uncle was a truly amazing artist and my biggest inspiration to learn to draw. He’d sketch buildings in amazing detail with his favorite medium, pen and ink, and I would stare at them for what felt like hours analyzing the details of his every mark. I also woke early on Sundays to watch Bob Ross, and still use some of his painting methods to this day.

When I was a child I was fortunate to get into an art program called Talented Art, it was a program that sought out kids like me and helped us to nurture our skill and desire to grow as artists. I owe a huge debt to all of the outstanding art teachers that taught me growing up. Later, I went to college in my hometown of Monroe, LA to the University of Louisiana at Monroe, where I received my bachelors in Fine Arts and a concentration in Graphic Design. Since graduation in 2009 I have maintained employment in fields related to my gift, and have been blessed to move through the ranks to becoming head engineer for an international company. I also spent many moons painting commissioned work during my free time for many generous people in my hometown.

Currently I am very active in my church and enjoy spending time with my fiancee. I am using my skills to provide freelance work for all who enjoy it, and I have two start up companies underway.

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